My journey begins in 1982 when I died in a horrific truck accident. I was revived with substantial physical injuries but nothing compared to the fifteen years of mental suffering. I felt ashamed with my condition and refused to get help outside the ‘system’.
In 1997, I got my miracle when an old friend knocked on my door and told me his story. This put me on the road to recovery. I stepped from the darkness into the light with no more meds and no more depression! However, my mind continued with unhelpful stories and negative self judgements. These were easily overcome and I was able to live a ‘normal’ life and work again.
In 2009, I started a personal mindful practice as well as an intensive 10,000 hour study into the many aspects of mindfulness and how it is found in all cultures. My life was completely transformed and I now live with both peace of mind and clarity of mind.
I am very passionate about my purpose which is to help people with mental suffering.
In 2011, I created a facebook page which now has over 650,000 followers.
In 2014, I invited Australians with mental suffering to an online facebook event called Mindfulness Day. (1st Sunday in May) 4,700 people attended the month long event and it was hugely successful with hundreds of lives transformed. The event became my book Mindful Actions which was launched on World Mental Health Day, 10th October, 2014.
In 2015, I founded mindfullyMAD.org (mindfully Making A Difference) Our vision is world mental health without medication. Our mission is love, peace and happiness through the practice of mindfulness. Our objective is to lobby for mindfulness in schools. Our focus is prevention of mental suffering and suicide. It is a place to ‘Tell Your Story’ or ‘Find a Mindfulness Mentor.’
In 2017, I founded the Mindfulness Mentoring Institute. I offer a certificate course Keys to Mindfulness Mentoring. I also launched a mentoring certificate course for those who have a heart to help others but need to work on themselves first.
In 2019, I created RAG Therapy. (Resistance, Acceptance, Gratitude) It has been highly successful due to it’s simplicity.
In 2020, I launched my second book Mindful Insights – Radical Practice for Self Realisation. It is a 52 week journey to master your mind!
In 2022, my wife Maureen and I opened a Sound Therapy room in Hervey Bay, Queensland. More info: saffronsounds.com.au

My message for the world… Be Mindful… Pause… Connect!
Mindfully Yours with Love, Joy & Peace Always  ~ John Shearer

Please feel welcome to contact me for Interviews or Public Speaking Engagements, or better still, why not book a session?